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bread reimagined

Influential, innovative and bold,
Céor is redefining bread for the
21st century.
- sprouted heirloom grains
- milled in-house
- naturally leavened
- hand crafted

a new era for bread

Céor is the answer to the question:
What if we elevate the most humble of foods to the pinnacle of its potential?

We create breads as "art for the five senses".

beyond wheat

We believe grains are to the baker like grapes are to the wine-maker; each variety is an entire world awaiting to be unveiled.

Spelt, rye, emmer, einkorn, Khorasan, millet, buckwheat, triticale, blue wheat, and black barley are just a few of the grains we source from our local farmers and mill in-house.

fresh milled flour

The difference between fresh and pre-milled flour is much like freshly ground coffee; the ability to unlock aroma and flavor.

At Céor, we exclusively mill our whole grains in-house to help unleash our creativity, support our local grain farmers, and expand the diversity of grains in our bread.

naturally leavened

Harnessing the magical powers of wild yeast and bacteria is an art as old as civilization itself.

Levain, levito madre, pasta madre, sourdough, wild yeast water, all offer unique leavening properties and nuanced flavor profiles.

All of our products are free of commercial yeast and are fermented under conditions that highlight the natural sweetness of the fresh milled flours.

culinary bread

We love utilizing the fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown by our many farmer friends. Following our local seasons and harvests, we embark on a year-long culinary journey through bread.

Autumn squash, purple sweet potato, sunchokes, rose petals, stinging nettle, limequats, beets, and many other unexpected produce transform our breads from a mere canvas to the painting itself.

celebrate with bread

Hollywood premiers, weddings, corporate events, and other special events are where we get to express our creativity and create custom breads for our client's unique needs.

... the unique gift Guy Frenkel (of Céor) brings to the bread table is the equivalent of asking the value of a Vera Wang or Michael Kors to the fashion industry: Where would any of us be without someone always pushing the envelope? ...


... Guy's approach to bread-making pushed traditional boundaries, and he has been described as 'the Hollywood wizard of bread ...

- IBIE Innovation Award 2021

... his amazing, inspirational breads have helped push the boundaries regarding the possibilities of artisan bread ...

- Peter Reinhart Author and four-time James Beard Award winner

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